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Expand & Take Control of Your Revenue Streams

Sharethrough helps publishers earn more and invest for better outcomes. We provide you with quality demand and enhancement technology that respects your users by improving the ad experience.

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Premium Demand Partners

Make sure your site visitors are getting the best experience by tapping into demand from the world’s best brands.

Enhancement Technology

At each layer of the journey from an impression request to an ad appearing on the page, we apply our SmartSuite to boost performance & help you earn more.

Higher Performance With Enhanced PMPs

Dedicated set-up, monitoring and troubleshooting experts to activate premium audience, marketplace and inventory packages for higher performance and efficiency.

Premium Demand Partners—

Capitalize on the Best in Class Demand

Tap into quality demand from the world’s best brands to improve the user experience on your sites. Sharethrough offers demand you won’t get from other exchanges through your wrapper of choice, including PMPs that are expected to see double-digit growth in ad spend in the future.

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AI-Powered Technology—

Maximize the Output of Your Ad Placements With Our Proprietary SmartSuite Technology

Sharethrough’s SmartSuite technology is designed to auto-enhance the process from start to finish. Our deep learning algorithms save you time, money and resources from having to do the work manually.

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Smart Floors

Find the optimal floor price to use for each impression.

Smart Throttling

Determine which impressions DSPs are most likely to bid on.

Smart Video

Normalize bids for different ad formats so all formats are competing in your auction fairly.

Sharethrough PMPs Drive Higher Performance

CTR (Clickthrough Rate)
> 0.70%
CPC (Cost Per Click)
< $0.50
VCR (Video Completion Rate)
> 70%
> 70%
Enhanced PMPs—

Drive Even Higher Performance With Sharethrough PMPs

Data driven PMPs you can’t get from other exchanges. Your inventory will be marketed in unique ways, attracting outsized demand.

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Our Verification Partners

Sharethrough drives accountability across the ecosystem with leading industry partners.

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Integrate with Ease & Accessibility

Easily and instantly tap into the unique demand that Sharethrough provides. We are integrated with most major header wrappers and we make the process effortless. All you need to do is let us handle all the work to make ads look good on your site.

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