Solutions For Publishers—

Monetize Publisher Inventory with Trusted Demand Partners & Enhanced Technology

Increase revenue with differentiated demand while optimizing the user experience thanks to better ads and optimized placements.

Directly Sourced

More than 50% of our demand comes from campaigns driven by our sales team.

Enhanced & Quality Demand

TrueTemplate™ technology automatically enhances demand to appear more integrated, improving the user experience for readers and better performance for advertisers.

Reliable, Dedicated Support

All major advertisers and trading desks are serviced by dedicated account teams.

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Benefit from Our Unique TrueTemplate™ Technology that Enhances Demand

TrueTemplate™ technology examines the fonts, sizes and colors of surrounding content and crafts a customized template that better fits each site. High volume templates undergo human review to increase performance and nativeness.

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Trust in Our Technical Partnerships

On top of our own proprietary technology, we also partner with the industry’s finest for additional protection & quality.


Standard display & rich media. Web/In-app.


In-Stream. Web/In-app.


Unlock long-form content from article-based publishers. Flexible integration.


In-stream programming, native, addressable.