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At Sharethrough, we foster a diverse community of collaborative and inspired forward- thinkers, who all work to build each other up and grow together. To be able to hire aspirationally & watch someone grow throughout the company, is one of the most rewarding collective experiences for our team here at Sharethrough.

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Working at Sharethrough—

Our Values

Stronger Together

We approach problems with a “we over me” mentality, putting what’s right for the team over individual gains. We support each other and thrive with the people around us, celebrating individual and team successes.


We have a willingness to adapt and grow professionally and personally. To accomplish ambitious goals that individuals and teams are accountable for.


Everyone’s work has a purpose. Always demand context to understand why before executing. We optimize for speed of learning, shortening the path from conviction to action.


Create a positive work environment and build strong relationships. You provide your opinions and ideas freely. We encourage open discussion while demonstrating respect for others.


Failing is essential to teach us resilience. It strengthens us and allows us to experiment and innovate to bring us to our next big success. We learn quickly, welcoming change and biasing towards action: what’s next?

The Perks

Share the Wealth

You're helping us build something great, so you should have a piece of it. Sharethrough offers an equity & retirement savings plan to help you build for the future.

Physical & Mental Health Coverage

We make sure you get full coverage on dental, eyes & body, with disability & life insurance to protect you & your loved ones. We also provide unlimited access to consult doctors, nurses and psychotherapists with Dialogue for Canadian employees.

Wellness & Work-Life Balance

It's important for us to provide a monthly fitness reimbursement to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Plus, we offer work from home & flexible hours for our employees.

Enjoy your Vacation & Holidays

At Sharethrough, we have a generous vacation policy & office holidays to ensure you get well deserved breaks in return for all your hard work.

Paid Time Off When You Need It Most

Benefit from paid parental leave to focus on quality family bonding time, as well as time off for sick days, so you can rest up before you get back on your feet.

Give Back To Your Community

To increase our company’s positive social footprint, one day of paid time off per year is granted to every employee to participate in an activity and charity of their choice.

Learning & Development

We want you to be the best at what you do. Sharpen your skills with continuing education opportunities & in-house training programs related to your role.

Get Covered & Connected

We offer mobile phone & internet allocations for eligible employees.

Team Building Activities & Celebrations

Sharethrough organizes team building activities, hosts group sport classes and celebrates work anniversaries & achievements, strengthening team cohesion and spirit!

Employee Journey

Our employee journey map is a visualization of the entire employee experience at Sharethrough! It shows what you can expect in terms of recruitment, onboarding, learning and development, compensation, benefits and perks, performance and career growth, engagement, and even exit.

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