Addressability Solutions at Sharethrough—

We Provide Scaled & Effective Addressability Solutions

Sharethrough provides a unified access point to cookieless inventory and solutions to help find your unaddressable audience within the bounds of privacy.

Privacy on the Open Web—

The Digital Advertising Industry Is Changing

Third-Party Cookies Are Going Away…

We’ve seen in recent years the rise of consumer privacy awareness, and we’re now heading in the years of building a more private web, given the increasing rejection of third-party cookies in major browsers.

Privacy Regulations
Third Party Cookies
Rise of Wall Gardens
Fragmented Solutions
Our Core Areas of Focus—

Sharethrough’s Approach To A Cookieless World

Sharethrough has been actively innovating and building solutions to effectively target and measure audiences where third-party cookies are no longer the main currency by building upon the following pilars:

First-Party Data—

Tap Into Publisher First-Party Data For Your Campaign Targeting

Enrich your audience targeting with publishers first-party data and deliver relevant ads by keeping privacy top of mind.


Increase Scale & Reach With a UID Enabled Audience

Reach your high-value addressable audience at scale by leveraging anonymized and privacy compliant IDs.


Leverage User-Level Data & Audience Targeting

Leverage comprehensive user-level audience data from our trusted data providers, without compromising consumer privacy.

Contextual & Cohort—

Advanced, Privacy & Brand-Safe Contextual Targeting Solutions

Build advanced contextual targeting which enables a privacy-safe alternative to reach relevant users at scale.

Device & Browser—

Support Privacy Browser & App Frameworks for Better Targeting

Support leading device and browser privacy initiatives, and leverage federated learnings to target audience segments.


Powerful Privacy-Compliant Technology & Measurement Techniques

Implement performance measurement techniques that can work within privacy compliant environments, and without cookies.

Privacy on the Open Web—

Our SSP Is Designed For A Privacy-First Web Advertising

Our mission is to empower our brand, agency and supply partners to connect their audience to their addressable devices and browsers at scale, while preserving their privacy and safe use of data connections.

Privacy Compliancy
Interoperable & Flexible
Omnichannel Reach
In-Depth Targeting Capabilities—

Reach Your Audience Without Relying on Third-Party Cookies

Advanced Contextual Targeting

Boost your brand engagement by reaching your target audience where they are the most likely to convert


Ensure a privacy-safe alternative to reach relevant users at scale

First Party Data Onboarding with LiveRamp

Increase your targeting accuracy without relying on third party cookies


Maximize the value of your marketing data to reach your audiences in a privacy safe way

Enhanced PMPs

Find real-time audience at scale while hitting your campaign goals


Pre-filter inventory to your KPIs at no additional cost

What’s In It For You—

Why Testing Now Is Critical

Brands that don’t start testing cookieless solutions TODAY are already late, as they are already missing out on a large percentage of audiences. You need solutions that can meet the following criteria:


Align with consumers’ privacy


Future proof for cookieless tracking

Easy Decisions

Improve your ad decisions based on key factors to increase reach


Conquer identity fragmentation

Get In Touch With Our Privacy Experts—

Get Started With Sharethrough

While third-party cookies are technically still available in some capacity, Sharethrough can help you transition slowly away from cookies.

As these technologies and our industry continue to advance, Sharethrough is committed to creating leading solutions that best fit the market needs, maximize reach via our supply partners in a privacy-safe way, and deliver value for customers and brands through our leading omnichannel supply platform.

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